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Preparing for this exhibition, I worked to finish this piece with a deadline. I spent hours in the studio working with the materials and when I finally finished, stepped back, looked at what I had done with this work (and, more pointedly, the twenty years of work in assemblage) and wondered aloud ‘was it worth it?’. The question became an obvious title for the piece. 


Preparándome para esta exposición, trabajé para terminar esta pieza con una fecha límite. Pasé horas en el estudio trabajando con los materiales y cuando finalmente terminé, retrocedí, miré lo que había hecho con este trabajo (y, más concretamente, los veinte años de trabajo en emsemblage) y me pregunté si valió la pena? '. La pregunta se convirtió en un título obvio para la pieza. 

Was It Worth It?

  • Please know that your new art piece will be shipped (with insurance) to the address you provide. PLEASE NOTE that shipping will be added to the price and ranges from $100-$300 usd, depending on the weight, shipping address and cost of insurance. Thank you! 

  • 12 x 9 x 4 in.

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