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Falling Into Place (detail)
The Writing's On The Wall
For The Love of Kurt Schwitters
Keeping Up With The Joneses
Change Your Thinking...

Art from Found Objects


These works were created using objects that I find on the streets of Mexico, reclaimed from recycling centers, in the trash, and in thrift stores north of the border.


It has been twenty years since I saw images of Joseph Cornell's work and thought: 


"That's for me."


Since then, saving objects from the landfill and breathing new life into them still keeps me awake, late into the night.


Eternal thanks to my love, Eli Hans. My favorite objet trouvé. 

Thanks so much for viewing my work.

Joseph Bennett

San Miguel de Allende, MX

Please enjoy this brief video, showing samples of my work.

Assemblage art by Joseph Bennett, art in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, art from found objects
To schedule a studio visit, or to discuss including my work in your upcoming exhibition(s),
please send me a message. Thanks!  Joseph
art by bennett
found object assemblage art
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