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Celebrating Twenty Years

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ― Pablo Picasso

I've always loved the above quote, and even more so today.

You know why?

Because every July 6th I take time to acknowledge and celebrate my artistic life. I consider July 6th to be the day that, as an adult, I first sat down and started "putting things in boxes" and creating assemblage art with found objects.

That's not the whole truth, though.

The real truth is that when I was little, 6 or 7 years old, I'd spend countless hours in the basement putting stuff in boxes, making art to give as gifts to my family.

After, when I was old enough to hold a hammer, I went outside and built a magnificent box — a treefort with 3 different floors, a screened-in porch and a fireplace!.

"Joey's Treefort" was the talk of the neighborhood. (Check out the suit jacket!)

Then, in high school I worked in a different kind of box. The theatre. Studied acting, improv and ballet during my high school years, and for many years after.

Fast forward 15 years — I'd finished an MBA program, and signed up for my first art class. "Elements of 3D design." The teacher showed us slides of various artist's works and I saw a photo of assemblages by acclaimed artist Joseph Cornell.

My heart. Skipped. A beat.

That's for me, I thought.

And, guess what? I was right.

This Saturday, July 6th, I'm celebrating twenty years of making art. Twenty years of an indescribable passion for 'putting stuff in boxes.' Twenty years of scavenging second hand shops (my favorite!) for objects discarded by whoever had them before.

And turning them into art.

Just like I used to, all those years earlier, down in the basement.

I invite you with all my heart to come see for yourself, and celebrate this sublime artform with me!

> If you're in San Miguel this weekend, please join me. I put together a great exhibition I know you'll really enjoy. And, if one of the pieces speaks to you, you can take one home for posterity, as most of the pieces will be for sale.

We'll raise a glass and toast to the next twenty years! Hopefully the work will inspire you to go home or to your studio to explore your own creative expression.

See you tomorrow, Saturday the 6th from 5-8pm or Sunday, July 7th from 12-3pm. The Studio Space is located at Subida al Caracol 11.

Find the studio at Subida al Caracol 11, San Miguel allende, Mexico.

Thank you! And may you find your vocation sooner than later — and find time to celebrate it each and every day!


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