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I've been avoiding this FOREVER

Updated: May 2, 2018

I've been needing to breakup for a loooong time. It's never felt right, but it was easy to just stay. Really easy. I could get in there and make changes in minutes. Sometimes less. I used to play a little game with myself and check the clock on my macbook "I bet I can make these changes in 2 minutes." And sometimes I could, depending on the internet in Central Mexico.

I made a promise to myself. On or before my "art anniversary" on July 6th, I was going to break up.

So I had a few months to ease into it. But this morning there was an email. A notice that a charge had gone through and been paid by paypal. An automated payment. No big deal. I have a few of them set up on my account.

But this one was for 1 year of webservice with my aforementioned relationship. My web host was charging me almost $390 usd for a year of hosting (twice what I paid for the same service last april). For the same below average product.

So here I am. 9 hours later, creating and crafting a brand new site, from scratch.

Hello Wix. Nice to meet you.

Can I buy you a drink?

Writing a new blog post
Writing a new blog post

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