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From my cinematic series, After Moulin Rouge is a celebration of the bohemian, the theatrical; a celebration of all the elements and intri- cate details that need to come together - most of which the audience knows nothing about - in order for the show to go on.


De mi serie cinematográfica, depués de moulin rouge es una cel- ebración de la bohemia, la representación teatral; una celebración de todos los elementos y detalles que tienen que unirse, la mayoría de los cuales el público no tiene idea, para que el show pueda seguir adelante.

Moulin Rouge / depués de moulin rouge

  • Please know that your new art piece will be shipped (with insurance) to the address you provide. PLEASE NOTE that shipping will be added to the price and ranges from $100-$300 usd, depending on the weight, shipping address and cost of insurance. Thank you! 


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