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Believing that I had finished this work months before, there were parts of it that were just ok - not great, but ok - and other parts that truly bothered me. When I couldn't stand it any longer, I took the piece off the wall and re-created it - explored my options - taking away what no longer worked, what no longer served the piece. And a stronger, more successful piece emerged, almost effortlessly. 


A remarkable analogy for life.


Creyendo que había terminado este trabajo meses antes, habían partes de que estaban bien - no genial, pero bien - y otras partes que realmente me molestó. Cuando no pude soportarlo más, quité la pieza de la pared y la recreé - explorando opciones - quitándo lo que ya no funcionaba, lo que ya no le servía a la pieza. Y una obra más fuerte y exitosa emergió, casi sin esfuerzo.


Una analogía notable para la vida.

Exploring Options / Explorando Opciones

  • Please know that your new art piece will be shipped (with insurance) to the address you provide. PLEASE NOTE that shipping will be added to the price and ranges from $100-$300 usd, depending on the sale price of the work. Thank you! 

  • 47 x 26 x 14 in.

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