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This work is a reaction to my July, 2018 anniversary of making assemblage art. As I reflect on what this art-form has gifted me over the past 19 years, I am filled with such gratitude for all of the blessings — the people that I have met, the art classes, the hours and hours in the studio and out in the World, scavenging for materials and for inspiration. All of it. A blessing, indeed. 


Further, this box originally held a Santo, a replica of a saint that had been paraded through the streets of Mexico during holy days and festivals. The small slot in the bottom, front of the piece was where the faithful would place their pesos to honor of the saint. 

Such a Blessing / Tal Bendición

  • Please know that your new art piece will be shipped (with insurance) to the address you provide. PLEASE NOTE that shipping will be added to the price and ranges from $100-$300 usd, depending on the weight, shipping address and cost of insurance. Thank you! 

  • 20 x 10 x 7 in.

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