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Kind words from coaching clients...

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Although I felt that there was no need for Joseph’s coaching, or anyone else’s for that matter, I still decided, (out of curiosity), to take Joseph’s coaching program. I had lots of reservations, but Joseph understood exactly where I was and made it simple.   


During our first session Joseph gently directed me towards openness and a much fuller and richer life. His guidance has been very precious and helpful towards a more meaningful life, and allows for joy and hope. I'm so, so grateful, I thank the Universe every night for having Joseph in my life!

Joseph is dedicated to helping others and is very sincere in his involvement towards a better life for his clients. I am greatly thankful for his help and wish more people would dare look at their life and reach out for his help!


Margo Godin, Quebec, Canada  

I was going through a chaotic period of my life. I was looking for some order and needed help in doing it. Then I met Joseph who coached me for about three months. The work that we have done together helped me to develop more self-confidence.


Joseph really coached me (with) self-exploration and helped me in achieving my goals.

Mattio Biagini, Monterrey, Mexico

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Joseph Bennett, Life coaching, life coaching testimonial

I cannot tell you how valuable you have been in changing my life. I was so stuck when we first started and now I am filled with energy and desire.


Right now I know what I have to do, and am moving forward!


Cynthia A., Galveston, Texas

Joseph Bennett is a treasure. His insight, wit, humor and passion are only out-matched by his compassion and drive to do whatever it takes to unlock your full potential. If you have the opportunity to work with him as a coach, RUN, don’t walk!


Ian Temple, New York City

Joseph Bennett, Life coaching, life coaching testimonial
Joseph Bennett, Life coaching, life coaching testimonial

​I spent years seeking happiness without realizing I was looking in the wrong place.

Joseph has helped me find it in the here and now. A priceless journey!

— Regina Gonzalez, San Antonio, Texas

"Joseph is intuitive, insightful and inspiring. He helped me lay down concrete goals for growing and promoting my business and gave me a fantastic outside perspective on some belief systems and patterns of behavior that have been holding me back.


And all in a very kind, non-judgmental manner.

I highly recommend him if you're looking for some concrete direction, ready to break some habits/patterns, or just feel ready to manifest greater abundance in your life!"

— Whitney Moore, Asheville, North Carolina

Whitney Moore, Joseph Bennett, Life coaching, life coaching testimonial
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Life seems easier now, and my quality of life has never been better!


Joseph gave me tools to change the limiting stories about my life, and allowed me to find clarity and a deep sense of joy.

Thank you Joseph for your compassion and wisdom.

— Sariel Beckenstein, Denver, Colorado

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